Binaural - Debug EP / Jet Alone Music

Binaural has evolved ever since his first EP on Jet Alone Music on the way he has delivered some very fresh beats and atmospheres around his music are always addictive, Debug is a great tune that describes this evolution the best, Debug EP is coming soon to JAM with remixes by Kensal, Sergio Ghan, Julylama, Cult Tour


Heresku - Piano Rulzz EP/ Jet Alone Music

Forthcoming to Jet alone Music the debut EP from Heresku will get your ass shakin

a very groovy release with 3 tracks that are ready for the dancefloor, take a listen to his sound...



JCtheBear feat. Kemp&Thompson - Microffee EP / Jet Alone Music

JCtheBear is  back to JAM with a collaboration EP with Kemp&Thompson  on an effort to bring their 2 worlds togheter with a  couple of tracks wich conforms this great ep each of them made on bot artists studios and the 2 perspectives of each artist where applied to the  duo of tracks .


Sophee - Beepbeep EP / Jet Alone Music

from Miami Sophi Dukas aka Sophee is Coming Home with remixes by Jet Alone Music's Sergio A. De Gante Martin aka Sergio Ghan, Andy Peimbert, Kemp&Thompson, Emiliano Baillet aka Binaural... some groovy dances awaits..














KaT aka Kemp&Thompson is one of the projects from the mind of Alfredo Baillet.
Born in Mexico his sound is eclectic yet edgy and always catchy, he has been making a lot of noise for several years now and he has 8 years behind Jet Alone Music Management

Binaural is Emiliano Baillet Producing sounds since 2010 his style has been developing and progressing for many years and the result is great clever rhythmical music, he is also the mind behind all the label Art concepts which go from hand drawing to digital design and visions from his own are displayed on almost all our releases.

Gabriel is from Romania but his love for house music has brought him to our ears in 2018 with only one EP released, we decided to bring him up to our roster after he started his own podcast show for JAM called "We are Funky" a remix EP is also on the make for this great producer that have a lot of energy and he has come to the label to balance the forces surrounding and with the best attitude to evolve.



Sergio Ghan

Javi Viana is a well known name on Ibiza where he lives and for a long time he has developed some of the most authentic productions re defining the Balearic sound and shaping it into his own, his track America has been played all around the world and is an excellent reference to his sound and the sound of the label.

Miguel is part of JAM almost from the beginning with several years under the production of his project spiral he has developed a sound of his own, in his music you will find a soul jazz, electronic drive that in combination with a rhythmic percussive groove will get you on to a high level of pleasure and dance.

Based in the paradisaic Island of Cozumel Sergio Ghan is making his way on to the top with amazing and original productions that will take you on a journey from house to tech, but with a twist of its own, always on the right beat to keep the dancers tripping Sergio reflects aspects of his daily life on his music and turns it into a groove journey

Sam Critchley aka Kensal



Sam Critchley has been working with JAM for several years now he has released some very Special pieces like Stronger EP or Luv is Poppin' EP born in London, UK Sam is now based and living in Mexico having a close relation with music and he continues to develop his sound into his mind crafted moniker Kensal.

Daniel is one of the youngest adds to our labels his style is heavy, housey, bouncy and now after years developing his very own sound he is one of the hottest players around, recently Lazor started his own label Hardcore, House Records, based in Germany this cat has a lot of music on his bag and some hot tunes out on JAM

JC from Dominican Republic has been collaborating and releasing his music on our label fro over 3 years now we consider him one of the best Latin producers lately a collaboration between JC and KaT was released and it has been the eclectic range of musical styles that allowed this and more releases under Jet Alone Music




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